Renovating my being.

It’s become apparent to me that something has happened to my dreams of a glossy site with clever illustrations and pictures. Not really my thing and not at all achievable by me.
Mostly the digital world eludes me with things that seem so simple and straightforward to most folk.
Copying and pasting is still an illusiory dreamworld to me despite being told what to do on numerous occasions..
So I am just going to try and recover my Mojo by writing if you don’t mind.
Thats what started me on this merry jaunt and the failed attempt to do more than that shredded my confidence with this place.
Which is a shame because it’s a nice place and lovely peep’s put it here for me to play in.

Ever since my brush with the ‘Bug’ It feelsl ike the creative juices that gave me the energy to get started dried up and I have retreated into othe peoples words by reading rather than writing.
I fell out of the habit of doing a bit of typing which is an activity I rather enjoy and am mostly surprised when something reasonable to read ensue’s.
I actually think I do a reasonable job of expressing myself with the written word but spend too much time on facebook writing with my phone
My busy sim racing life dominates there; but it is a very crowded place to write more suitable for bulletins than diatribes..

I like the way sentences construct themselv’s how words can flow and capture the readers attention, sweeping them away on a river of prose. That’s the magic of this place; there is plenty of room to stretch out and relax.

I actually have a lot to talk about it has been an amazing joyous summer with so many life enriching events concertinaring together it’s hard to know where to start talking about them.
I have made an early resolutioon to make the effort to type just a few words every day and enjoy the telling of Donnington Park 1 & 2. The visit to Brands Hatch and following Arwen_Graham on her journey in the Junior Saloon Car Championship.

Tomorrows another day and I shall return. I want to thank iRacing for giving me this opportunity to write these words while waiting for an update to do it’s thing.

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