Ha! ok, why so jovial? Backfire think I’m cuddly!

The people at Backfire SimSports have asked me to try my hand at writing up a race or two for them so here we go.

One must understand I’m not in any way a professional writer.. oh no! I’m not even sure I rate amateur. But I do love Sim Racing. Both behind a wheel and on the telly. There’s a magic that’s hard to describe but is entirely visceral in being in a simulated car racing around a track against opponents simultaneously only inches away and at the same time half way round the globe.

So I like to write about this thing that I love.

I will endeavour to keep up with the races my team Result Clothing participate in and as many of the other great events Backfire and their associate The Virtual Racing Association (VRA) present for our delectation.

GT4/TCR Challenge Season 2 Round 8 IMOLA.

So lets start with something easy.. Andy won again.. Yes the indomitable Mr Hopley sat on the top step of the podium once again. After a couple of weeks in the wilderness by his standards he returned to the top step of the podium in his BMW M4. With Tom Stanley also returning to form in the TCR.

There is always a nice anticipation to be savoured as we settle down to enjoy the qualifying, with all the drivers eyeballs out trying for the best possible grid slot. As a member of the Result Clothing squad of drivers I am of course offering ‘gentle encouragement ‘ to my guys.. All the Result chaps are in the TCR group and do their best but the class of the group are Tom Stanley and Chris Shaw who have driven very well all season and continued that at Imola at the front of the TCR grid. In the GT cars ‘Triple A’ was closest to Mr Hopley.

With The Porsche being a nifty mover through the bends but lacking a bit of top end compared to the Beemer, Imola with its long straights was always going to favour the more powerful car.

There is no shortage of excitement in these races with every race having it’s share of incidents on and off the track and the early laps with cold tyres and a full load of adrenaline can be hairy. But these are hour long races with experienced drivers so common sense mostly prevailed and everyone got off the line sweetly. Tom and Chris established an early lead while behind them the other TCR drivers were at their usual hammer and tongs racing. Scott Malcolm following his good qualification was in the thick of things with Roger Morten and Her Royal Highness ‘Princess Pete’ who has forsaken the commentary booth to use his awesome driving skill to in aid of good causes and with his custom painted cars is bringing an extra element into the competition.

David Eyers and Karl Hardy have formed a fine rivalry over the weeks and they were locked together in 1st and 2nd briefly as the pit stops started and cars peeled off to refuel and were still in 3rd and 4th after things had settled down, with Roger having his best outing in the car in 5th.

Just a bit further up the road was the familiar sight of Andrew Hopley pulling away from the field and setting up a convincing lead while behind him Kevin Viemont, Tyler Newitt and Romaim Rateau were swooping around in fine style with the occasional encounter with the grass to set the heart thumping. The whole of the GT4 field are close in lap time and there are plenty of people waiting to drive by with a wave following any kind of mistake. I expect there were a few looking at the incident count rising with some apprehension with some very close racing inevitably causing the occasional bit of contact.

Make no mistake folks, these are quality drivers throughout both fields with plenty of smart overtaking and daredevil moves which all add up to an exiting hour of Sim Racing. Add in the brilliant team of commentators the fancy camera work from Sam and Ryan Walker as the guest commentator and this hour on Wednesday has become a firm favourite at Toon Towers.

Not at all sure how one goes about this really but I will endeavour to find out what information is important to fans and drivers alike and do my best to include all the relevant details without making it a dry factual account.

Well done to all the drivers for providing me with some cracking entertainment.

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