Energy and Momentum

AT last I have found the wherewithal to get together a few words for my avid reader..(Me) I got poorly and I have noticed that these events take ever longer to get over. Leaving me bereft and lethargic. Poor timing as I was just getting into the swing of things, enjoying a pontificate or two.

But ‘All things must pass’ as dear George said in his worldly wise way, so I finally have my little keyboard up and running again and ready to engage and enlighten. Last week we took part in the ’12 Hour of COTA’ at the famous ‘Circuit of the Americas’ track. It was a large field for the event and quite a spectacle with it’s seemingly non-stop activity managing the track and dealing with a barrage of overtaking as the GT cars were gobbled up by their big brother GTE cars.

Endurance events have a unique life of their own They require hours of practice for each race to hone the reflexes and create a car set-up that gives you the perfect combination of pace and tyre wear. So a considerable investment of time and effort has already taken place before you have started the race. This turns into an Ogre as the hours pass by; every one feeding the Ogre and making him uglier, the pressure heavier! Fear of failure, of being the one inside the car when it gets rear-ended into a wall or you spin at a Chicane and someone collides with you at 175mph..ending their race and yours.

Fortunately race ending incidents are rare, but a hefty chunk of time in the pit’s for repairs is seriously damaging to a teams performance and the effect of it being a Team Event and the added pressure this loads onto drivers can’t be overstated. You don’t want to let your co-drivers down at any cost! I have been driving when disaster has struck and you can believe me when I say it sucks.. Loudly and long!

As I get a better hang of this I will start to include more detailed analysis of our races and to tell the story in a way that’s interesting to the general reader. Although the cars are simulated the drivers and their passion are very real and the ups and downs have plenty of ‘Emotional Content’ to quote another of my Hero’s.

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