Time management

I have learned a number of things this week.. One of them is that I have to re-arrange the way I live to accommodate the demands of writing this page. For a number of years I have lived with refreshingly little structure to my days. Since the good people of the NHS gave me back the priceless gift of time I have used it in purposeful but not well organised ways; following my nose into impromptu activity and setting up my home to allow this freelance approach.

If I want to cook there are cupboards and shelves full ingredients and equipment to allow the creation of everything from a Victoria Sponge to a 10 minute stir fry. Both are things I have added to my repertoire in the last few years. If it’s painting, my easel and paints live on the kitchen table..it just about leaves room to eat a bowl of soup.. The point being to have everything to hand and if possible visible. If seeing some artists quality paints and paper doesn’t inspire you to want to start splashing paint about It’s probably time for a new hobby.

But to meet the demands of keeping my blogging attempts up to date I will have to find a regular time in the day to write. I am already behind.. and I have barely started!! As well as trying to come to an understanding with WordPress and it’s to me, intransigent mysteries, there is research to do. If one wants to talk about Harris Tweed, and I do, it behoves one to have more than the superficial knowledge that we all have. The why’s whens and wherefores start to matter. If I want to talk about iRacing I need to actually know the facts and figures to be accurate in my espousal.

Of course I realised this before putting a toe into the water; but actually having a bit of structure in my days to follow the muse is becoming an issue to address after so long playing by ear. I am writing this in the morning.. which surprised the heck out of me because I have specialised in not being a morning person for a very long time. It just shows how exited I am just to be writing something. It’s just as surprising to me that I can even assemble the words through my usual morning haze.. I have also noticed the effects of the psychological low experienced by everyone in mid-afternoon. Even as a schoolboy the effects of this time of day can be felt, the time seems to drag in double French and it’s harder to concentrate than the morning lessons were. It’s increasingly potent as I age and is the time when the elderly among us can be found napping. This seems like a bad idea as a time to be trying to write anything.

Ok so what about evenings? that is a more obvious place for a ‘Nightbird’ to be awakening and to a certain extent that still holds true. I have a bit of energy then and potentially could use it for writing. The fly in that ointment is of course driving my Simmobile. The way things are firming up I will be racing or practising to race for at least 5 evenings a week possibly 6. Since I started encountering problems with my hands my former routine of practising during the day has been halted to ensure I have working, pain free digits in the evening and I need to put in the time on the track so I am mentally ready to race.

I really dislike turning up to represent my team under prepared and rushed. As I’m not a quick study If I want to be ready for a race, in the right frame of mind and knowing the track and the car Set-Up I’m going to use, I need to practise. So evenings are a write off in terms of write on. That leaves the early hours. which used to be a good time for me. I enjoyed the ‘Learning Zone’ with it’s Open University lectures and a whole swathe of interesting and educational TV. I have never forgiven the BBC for removing this haven of thought provoking academia.

But the reality is I am no longer at my brightest and shiniest at 1am.. and although It’s not a complete dead- end it’s not really a time that I can reliably put aside as a regular slot for composing blob posts. Which leads me back to where I started and the Shock Horror Probe of using the mornings.. formerly spent lying in bed drinking tea and reading for a couple of hours before engaging with the day. So time management and through the process of writing about it I have found my solution. It has become apparent that I will need to bite the bullet, set the alarm and carve out a niche in the day almost before it has begun. Crikey.


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