My Mac and the naming of ‘Categories’

Well Craig said I couldn’t break anything so I firmed my upper lip and plunged ahead with the hopeful button pushing that defines my approach to all things computery. My dear old 2009 Macbook Pro has been through the mill with this technique..I chose this wonderful gleaming machine from a shelf full of worthy contenders because a lovely man and dear friend called Kevin had one and said they were good for beginners because the operating system was very robust and less likely to crash with a fumble-fingers like me in charge.

The other reason was because the picture of a Snow Leopard (yes that old!) looked stunning on the 17″ screen. She has an entertaining variety of sounds but when I get it wrong she tells me in no uncertain terms..with an unmistakable jarring sound that’s difficult to describe but emanates disapproval. Craig said the best way to learn about WordPress was to experiment.

The main thrust of my bloggery will be iRacing; I am passionate and committed to that but I have many other interests such as clothes and the rather retro traditional style affected by me since I eschewed my Jimi Hendrix Tee shirts, Levi jeans and trainers for a more tailored look; delving into wardrobes and trunks to find jackets and trousers that had languished there since the 1980’s. I had come across an article about ageing with style and it resonated powerfully with the crumpled, rumpled man who looked back from the mirror.. The article pointed out that what may have been a good look on a twenty something may not be doing a sixty something any favours. I love old movie’s, and being a lifelong music lover it’s no surprise that musicals have always had a special attraction. The wardrobes and tailoring coming out of Hollywood in the 40’s and 50’s was simply of a mind blowing quality. Fred Astaire looked so graceful in his ‘White Tie’ and Tux and a glance at ‘Singing in the Rain’ will reveal a breathtaking quality of fabric and design. But I am an Englishman and proud to be so, which gives me the opportunity to pander my taste for waistcoats and pocket watches as well as fedoras and sharp suits.

Then there is Music and 50 years as a Guitarist who loves his instrument and can talk ‘guitar shop’ all night with fellow lovers. What about yo yo’s? I’m not the only pensioner who can throw a Yo.. but with the advent of modern ‘Unresponsive’ Yo yo’s It’s become a whole new world of staggeringly complex mind bending tricks that dazzle and bemuse.. The modern player is a Yo yo Ninja. If you don’t believe me pop into YouTube and check out my hero Gentry Stein..Be prepared to not believe your eye’s and yes, it’s still spinning.. This is just the start of my journey as a blogger. I have never really read other people’s so don’t know what’s the norm. I expect people really go to town with Graphics, Video’s and Images of a million different kinds. But I primarily want to write. As I acquire skill and experience I will doubtless be able to add a bit more pizazz but the written word is my starting point and where feel most comfortable.

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