Whoah this is scary.

I’m not sure which is the worst thing for a fledgling blogger..The great white open spaces of the blank page or the fact that using WordPress is a mystery that Sherlock Holmes would find baffling. I am a reasonably intelligent human being but for some reason when confronted with the Cyberverse my brain freezes and becomes as blank as this page at letter one.

‘Oh it’s very intuitive, you will soon get the hang of it’. Sound familiar? So here I am flying solo and hoping for the best. My main aim is to write interesting, informative and hopefully entertaining stuff about iRacing. I’m passionate and commited to driving sims and my favourite sim is iRacing. But to get to the stage where I can present my bloggy (some would say foggy)..(others would say soggy) Thoughts on the races I drive in, the races I spectate because a member of my team is in, or simply because someone I admire and like (there are many) is in, requires me to come to terms with WordPress and it’s many facets.

While daunting it’s also exiting. I love learning new things, I find taking on new challenges exhilarating and energising. With so many members of my family falling to the demon Dementia, I want to exercise my mind to keep it fit while the rest of me is falling to bits. So today I’m playing with ‘Blocks’

Block are the essence of WordPress they divide up your words into agreeable chunks rather like a book would with Paragraphs and Chapters. These nicely spaced words are far more accessable than a great big chunk of text would be and It’s because I have mastered the Paragraph button. Hmm well I say mastered, rather an overstatement but it’s the first thing you see in the block editor thingy and giving it a click now and then spaces things out nicely. Hold on and I will press it again and you can see what it does.

See, how cool is that! I have also been using the ‘Bold’ button which is bolding the first word of each block of text it doesent have to be the first word look! boy is that fun! But you take my meaning. In the same little rectangle that appears whenever I go near the touchpad on my Mac there are other toys to play with like italics and something to do with ‘Buttons’ but that’s way beyond me currently. At the moment I can actually get words on a page and save them with just the few choices I have learned so far. As well as begining to use the tools that WordPress has given me I wanted to impart something interesting to a Sim racer who doesen’t give a monkey’s about the how but is more interested in the why.

A large part of the why is that the iRacing universe has become my extended family. I have made friends gained skills and had the best time imaginable crashing into walls, spinning round on grass and being dumped on my roof by maniacs. Occasionally I even drive in a race and hang on as though my life depended on it because nearly everyone err.. let me rephrase that. In the leagues I drive in everyone is a faster driver than I am. Does this discourage me.. No, I’m as encouraged as can be. I love my time among my friends, I enjoy every visceral moment, every miniscule improvement. Every time I get in my modest little rig it’s a joyful romp. Thats why I’m engaged in a battle with WordPress. It’s the tool that will let me share some of that universe with you.

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