The Gentleman Racer

What am I of all people doing trying to write a bloggy thing? I struggle to sharpen a pencil and now I want to write stuff.. Well I have a lot to say about the things that interest me.
Mainly my passion for iRacing and the pleasure I get from sitting in my living room driving a racing car.. These days in VR err Virtual Reality.
Then there’s clothing; in the form of Traditional Style and Tweed and in particular the Tweed from the Outer Hebrides in its endless variety. In other words I enjoy dressing up and liking what I see in the mirror. My desire to promote British Traditions and take looking good and feeling good from the ownership of certain classes and professions and make it ok for a coal miner’s son to look the world in the eye from a stylish platform.
I want to talk about the people I race with and against; the highs and lows that you encounter every time you drive out of the pits, the amazing amount of effort involved in getting into the pits in the first place.
What it’s like when you take your first stumbling steps in iRacing and how it feels to be part of a team. Crikey I just need a bigger page to write on.
Bigger than Facebook can provide.
I have just plain outgrown the place as my interest in writing has grown and I have more words than it can accommadate. I want to share with you, and carry you with me as I fumble my way through the start of another new thing. If no one reads this I don’t mind. It’s the telling of the tale that matters to me mostly. But if one person gets an insight into a life online, is inspired to try an eSport. If one person over 65 bins their easy-care shapeless costume for a nice pair of woollen trousers a pair of shining Oxfords and a Tweed Jacket then thats made the effort worth it. I will talk about the mind boggling technology that it takes to put 40 simulated racing cars on a track at the same time, with drivers from halfway across the globe all competing for the same piece of tarmac. The bit at the front. I don’t know how it’s done but I will find out and tell you the tale of that finding. Man this is an exiting time for me and I want you to share that exitement with me. Hop aboard, it won’t be a smooth ride but it’s the journey I want to embark on…and I just did.

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    1. Thats very kind my friend. Yours was my first..possibly my only comment☺️ This my first reply.. Thats history we have made!

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