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With my usual aplomb I was writing about last nights exciting races with the PDC Skippy league. err thats the Skip Barber 2 litre single seater car, used at the famous driver training school in America. ( Just in case by some fluke a normal person finds themselves here) We were at Tsukuba. It’s a short track with laps around 1:02 or in the case of The Gentleman 1:04. It’s often used by Japanese drivers and manufacturers for record attempts. Lots of Honour for the fastest lap around here me dear.

We had fun and you can see the races on YouTube at ‘Year One Racing TV’

Which brings me nicely to the topic…recently a number of my well intentioned friends (all my friends are well intentioned actually) have been suggesting I should start a YouTube channel. They are of the opinion that I have something to offer and that people would enjoy watching me making a fool of myself.
As it happens I have recently been involved in trying to set up a blob err blog called ‘The Gentleman Racer’ This is it actually.. not very impressive is it? I haven’t come to terms with WordPress at all yet. I am a terrible cocker upper when it comes to the modern world of high tech. So the idea of expanding outside of the confines of FB have been floating around my head for a while. But a channel on youtube? I mean.. thats where I go to watch other people, not where other people go to watch me..
Now this is causing me some conflict. 5 years ago I caught a dose of cancer which took a couple of years to shake off. Having survived I vowed I would change my ways…no longer would I be the reticent chap of former times; from now on I would step up to the plate when faced by challenges or opportunities. Stepping forward not back.
After all I had gazed into the maw of doom, and that kind of thing can change a chap.
I have formed the opinion that being a Content Producer..( minor digression while I play with the space bar on my iPhone having discovered after 6 years it makes a full stop on a double press.. see what I mean about me and tech?)
Where was I? oh yes a CP is bloody hard work, requiring skills and knowledge of a magnitude quite beyond me.
But what about the vow, the ‘new challenges’ and all that..dilemma; horns of. I decided on the good old British compromise. Now you see I like to write. The whole point of setting up a bog was so I could write to my heart’s content without word limits and bits disappearing. But I could also shoot some footage to spice up my words with some visual interest. I will save up my pension and get a clever phone err ‘SmartPhone’

I have been playing with some of the things you can do with WordPress.. It’s largely a mystery to me still but I fumbled my way to placing this wonderful banner here. These were created for me by Graeme Slack. He is a dab hand with computers and made a pile of these to use as chapter endings. I’m so proud to have these unique items made for me without any kind of renumeration purely as an act of friendship. You can’t buy that and I am fortunate indeed to have Graeme and others like him in my life.

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